Initial Appointment

Tim presents his portfolio of finishes, and gallery of works completed. He then customizes finishes and colors for your project.

Proposal and Contracts

Following the appointment, you will receive an estimate for the proposed work. A 50% deposit is required, along with a signed contract to schedule your job and begin sample making. A custom sample will depict the color and technique that will be used for your project. The cost of a sample board without a signed contract or deposit is $200, applicable toward the balance, and is non-refundable. [Top]


The quality of the prep work is essential to the outcome of the wall finish. The rooms are typically prepared by a professional painter. Recommendations of painters are available upon request. [Top]


The materials that are used are primarily water-based paints. These products are high quality, produce low odor, and are environmentally friendly. [Top]


Due to the complexity and individuality of each project, prices will vary according to the technique. If there is a price range or budget that you would like to maintain, we are happy to discuss various options to suit you. [Top]


Tim Murphy Decorative Painting is fully insured. [Top]